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How To Start Third Party Contract Manufacturing

December 29, 2020 by admin0

How To Start Third Party Contract Manufacturing

The Pharma Industry brings a lot of opportunities for new entrepreneurs to start a business in this field. Here we at Ravic Healthcare are going to describe how to start third party contract manufacturing and what type of documents and licenses you require to start 

  •  Company Registration 
  • Good and service Tax identification number 
  • Trademark Registration 

Company Registration:   

The company registration part is not compulsory. You can also market your product by registering your firm only by taking the GST number but a more ethical way to register your company either private limited or one person company Pvt ltd or Limited Liability Company. Company registration has many benefits as compared to simple firm registration. Registering a company improves brand image and gives an ethical look to an organisation along with limiting your personnel liability, raising funds, opening bank accounts, and other business advantages.

Goods and Service Tax Identification Number:

For doing business in India, a GST number is required above the annual turnover of 20 lakh. For online selling through websites or portals, you should have GST for any value of turnover. But we will recommend you to take the GST number in the beginning while starting a Pharma marketing company. Any CA/Accountant would apply it for you at a very less amount, nearly 1500-3000/-. If you have a wide knowledge of the internet and computer, then you can also apply it yourself without any charges. Check-out complete and entire detail about applying for Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) here

Trademark Registration:

Trademark is intellectual property. It is required for the safeguard of the name of your company and brand names. It prohibits others to copy your logo, similar company names, and brand names. It protects your years of hard work in building a brand. If you have a budget problem, you can only trademark a company name, brand name trademark could be however done in the future. If you don’t have any financial problems, you should proceed after the trademark of the company name and product’s brand name. Check out the complete details of trademark registration before getting the registration done.

Manufacturing plants often need to dispense with two factors. One is the necessity to minimize the cost of the manufacturing process and the other one is to make sure that their capable customers receive the best-offered products. Many manufacturing plants are thus considering the achievable option of enrolling in a third-party business.

More about third-party services

A third-party business comes with both benefits as well as can cause problems. They manufacture the products by cutting down the cost. It does not mean that quality can also be compromised. The third-party services should promise to offer cheaper commodities without any quality compromise. Only then the business can run successfully and can be established. If the potential customers are dissatisfied by any means whether it is due to the quality of the product or the poor customer service, it will have a negative impact on the business. Despite very good product design, the company can suffer from immense losses and may run out of business.

Contract related to third-party business

The product/ products of the company will be manufactured by other manufacturers. Thus, if there is any defect in the manufacturing of the product they have to be answerable for the same. The owner has ownership of the design of the product. However, the entire manufacturing and real engineering of the commodity is the responsibility of the production company.


Benefits of third-party services

Third-party business is good if a company is in the developmental stage and it needs to grow and flourish. It is a challenging task when the company is in the neonatal stage. It is essential to seek other company’s support and assistance that will escalate the progress.

The cost of production will be highly decreased by the third-party manufacturing company. Products will be made available at many affordable prices.

The arrangement of raw materials, shipping, employing a plant, and finding warehousing will be taken care of. The company just sends the commodities to other manufacturing units where they will be finished and thus lots of burdens are taken off from their shoulders.

The third-party business will enable the exposure to a brand-new audience. Doing business with multiple companies will help in spreading the word and a good number of people will come to know about the product and the business.

A number of clients can be generated and a large number of customers will boost the business.

It is a great option for those companies who are dealing with an inflow of orders and are finding it difficult to complete them in time. The third-party manufacturing company will timely complete the orders and that too efficiently. It will eliminate all the stress related to completing the orders.


Hiring an established and renowned third party manufacturing company like Ravic Healthcare  is the best way to lessen down all the stress and burden that comes with the manufacturing process. It reduces the cost of production and completes the placed order in the required time with the desired efficiency. This term is used for an enterprise or company that gets its products manufactured by other manufacturing companies under its own brand name. It is a great means to complete the manufacturing especially for those companies that are in their developmental stage and are small in size

If you want to start your business then third-party manufacturing is the best way to start it. By marinating the quality of products you can get the profits along with name & fame. Third-Party Manufacturing Company becomes the prominent choice for those that have not their formulation plants. Moreover, the enhancing demand for pharma put pressure on the pharma sector to manufacture more products. You can avail many benefits from this.

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